The New Dawn Trust

This website is a project of the New Dawn Trust, an organization which is dedicated to educating the public about the artist Nathaniel C. Burwash, his artwork, and his life philosophy. The purpose of the New Dawn Trust, in Nat’s own words, is that “the art work produced and acquired during my lifetime will be used in such a way as to expose other people to these beliefs.”  It was Nat’s hope that after his death his remaining sculptures could be sold to enable the Trust to re-purchase his old cabin, restore it, and make it available to other artists to use and enjoy, as he did.

Future Goals of the New Dawn Trust

A cabin near Nat's is being restored for use by artists-in-residence. We are seeking interested institutions, such as colleges and universities, as well as art studios, which may be interested in administering an “artist in residence” program—a “mini-McDowell Colony!”

Items for Sale

In order to fund the goals of the Trust, the Trust is offering some of Nat's sculptures for sale. While 100s of Nat's sculptures will eventually be displayed in our gallery, only a few dozen still remain for sale. If you choose to browse the gallery you will note that each item's description says whether or not it is for sale. Or you may, instead, just click on the "Items for Sale" link on the menu to your left.

None of the paintings shown in our gallery are for sale, only some of the sculptures. But those with the inclination to do so may visit many of Nat's paintings in person -- they are at the State Library in Concord to see.

About This Website

We hope you enjoy this website. In it, you will find:

Additional information about the artist and his works will be added to this site over time.